Believe it or not, even Stimulus Checks Could Stimulate Divorces

March 17, 2021

COVID-19 Relief Payments Could be the Newest Factor Leading to Divorce Rate Spike

As another round of stimulus checks are going out soon to most Americans, the next relief payment may be a mixed blessing for married couples. Divorce is on the rise as we recently passed the one year mark of the pandemic and stimulus checks could be the newest factor leading to the divorce spike. The divorce rate has jumped about 34% over the past year. Attorneys have seen more marital conflicts as a result of the increased financial and social toll generated by the pandemic.

“Money worries are a leading cause of marriages falling apart and we’ve seen increased conflicts regarding how to use the stimulus money or relief benefits for families, especially those who own a business,” said Allen & Glassman, Chartered, Family Law founder and partner Gemma Allen. “The pandemic has only magnified financial problems for marriages that were already in trouble or marriages that were just good enough.” 

Allen & Glassman partner Todd Glassman noted that unemployment, furloughs, forced business closures and restrictions fueled by the pandemic have caused significant stress on relationships. 

“Money problems are not unusual for a couple especially when unexpected emergencies happen as a result of a pandemic and it is how financial difficulties are handled in a marriage that can lead to a stronger union or a marriage crisis.”

Allen and Glassman added that few marriages were designed for couples to be together 24/7 and working from home, virtual school for the kids, and no place to go. All of these restrictions take a toll and can lead to increased conflicts, for parents whether married, separated or divorced.

They offer the following suggestion: if finances divide you, decide whether you can start a new partnership financial plan together or whether one of you lacks the will or the ability to make that commitment.

As a boutique family law firm, Allen and Glassman offers not only experienced and creative solutions, but also compassion for the “side effects” of COVID-19 on any relationship and its finances. 

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