Post-Decree Issues


At Allen & Glassman, Chartered, we often see past agreements that need to be modified to fit the next chapter and new factors after a divorce. Modification of maintenance, child support, parenting time, and allocation of parental responsibilities is reasonable when a substantial change in circumstances is present, but the definition and impact of a substantial change in circumstances are debatable. Some things that constitute as a substantial change in circumstances include, but are not limited to, changes in employment, changing health issues, relocation, remarriage, and other life changes.


Sometimes an ex-spouse or significant other is unwilling or unable to comply with the terms of the divorce judgment and to make payments for maintenance, child support, or meet parental responsibilities. We at Allen & Glassman, Chartered can help you whether you are the payor who cannot pay or the payee who is suffering, or the parent struggling with a non-cooperative ex.

College expenses

Depending on the age of the child at the time of the divorce, your judgment may or may not address higher education expenses.

If these types of expenses were not included in the judgment, the parties can attempt to agree on their respective responsibilities and seek the court’s decision in the event an agreement was not reached.

If these types of expenses were included in the agreement but circumstances such as employment, health issues, and the like have changed, so to can your responsibility.

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