Blake Griffin: Why Proactivity in Parenting and Confidentiality are So Important for Athletes and for All

August 10, 2018

Every basketball fan knows about Blake Griffin and his unbelievable athletic talents and skills throughout the years. As one of the NBA’s best forwards through the last nine or so years, he was traded from the Los Angeles Clippers last year to the Detroit Pistons; he is in the second year of a 5-year contract worth as much as $171 million. Griffin is reportedly set to make approximately $32 million next year. He is a Five Time All Star and has endorsement deals and everything to lose in terms of his brand and reputation.

Griffin was previously engaged to Brynn Cameron (who played basketball at USC) and they have two children together, Ford (5 years old), and Finn (2 years old). Cameron also has a child with Matt Leinart. About five days ago, a story was leaked that Griffin was having to pay $238,000.00 per month in child support. Media across the globe, fellow athletes and others who saw this report were astonished that Cameron seemed set to receive on or around $3 million in child support per year.

However, on Friday, August 3rd, both Griffin and Cameron cleared this child support story up in a jointly released statement. They essentially stated that the child support leaks were false and that they are working out an agreement and are effectively co-parenting their children without releasing the details of the agreement due to the confidential nature of the deal. However, reports are alleging approximately $32,000 per month in child support is being paid and also that they have joint custody of the children.

Despite them clearing this up and even in a joint statement, seemingly the damage had already been done. The “fake news” had already spread to various news outlets and social platforms, while the joint statement did not travel nearly as far.  Rumors like $238,000.00 in child support cannot be taken back. Gossip about the rocky and messy ending of a relationship out in the media cannot be taken back. It is incredibly positive that the parties have apparently and confidentially at this time reached an amicable resolution on child support and are jointly parenting their children. Needless to say, there are some missteps that possibly could have been avoided and made this separation a lot cleaner.

Hot Takes

  1. Anytime there is an athlete like Blake Griffin in the picture, there is no question that the parties should immediately talk to their respective counsel on all issues relating to protective orders and confidentiality orders to do everything they can to keep their split private. It is advisable to immediately address this with the attorney and make sure counsel is informed on what he or she can do in terms of securing confidentiality, privacy, and protection of your case, based on local law.
  2. Co-parenting of some type can be in the best interests of your children. Whenever children are involved, especially with an individual in the spotlight like an athlete, parenting issues should be immediately addressed and dealt with by your attorneys and resolved in a court order. Athletes and/or their spouses/significant others should not take matters into their own hands and they should put whatever differences they have with each other aside when it comes to parenting. It is wise to immediately seek legal advice on parenting issues and make sure that you move towards a documented, court entered, agreement or resolution.
  3. While it is tempting to try to reach undocumented side deals with your significant other, experience would indicate that good legal advice is more reliable to help your parentage/divorce case progress on the right track. If your attorney has addressed issues like confidentiality and your arrangement on parenting, the same should be done with child support.
  4. The last thing you want to have happen is the media releasing stories that either aren’t true or that are true but can negatively impact your reputation, your career, and your parenting relationship. Whether you are a worldwide star in some field or just in your own world, your reputation and that of your family is priceless.

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