Cheers! Three New Year’s Resolutions for The World of Sports

January 6, 2018

It’s that time of the year again, when you evaluate your successes and shortcomings for the past year and decide what to change. Making New Year’s Resolutions has become an integral part of many self-improvement plans.

An avid sports fan, I started thinking over the holidays about important resolutions our favorite athletes could consider. Here are three that athletes and those around them should swear by.

  1. When in doubt…consult. Whether you are in a faltering relationship or find yourself in a toxic situation waiting to erupt, athletes should stop and think before reacting. There is an entire future, career, and reputation to protect, and that should not be taken lightly. Before going over to that significant other’s home to “work it out”; before agreeing to pay a certain amount of money or purchase a home for an ex in order to “buy peace”; before sending that e-mail responding to certain accusations, first consult with at least one trusted adviser. Preemptive, careful action is always the way to go to avoid unforeseen problems in the media, in a court of law, or both.
  2. Social media can be your best friend or your worst enemy. We live in a world of social media where athletes and their families are connected to the entire population with the touch of a keystroke. Every snap, tweet, text, and Instagram post can and will be used against you and scrutinized by everyone. Instead of using social media to criticize the refs for a bad call or instigating a fight with a fellow competitor or acquaintance, consider using it to share positive messages like business interests or good causes. Think first and post later so you’re using social media to help instead of harm your career, livelihood, and yes, even your profession.
  3. Ignore Charles Barkley’s old commercial “I’m Not a Role Model.” Yes, you are. Everything you do will be tracked, and in today’s 24-hour news cycle, news breaks faster than ever. Live your life and take actions on and off the field so those who love you will be proud of you. Behave in a way that will allow you to look back on your career with no regrets.

We at Ladden & Allen, Chartered are hoping for a year of greater positivity in the world, both on and off the field! Won’t you join us? Happy new year!

Allen, Glassman & Schatz, LLC