Introduction to Todd Talks…Sports

November 9, 2017

Todd Talks…Sports blog evolved because of the ever-increasing number of complex cases that Gemma Allen, Todd Glassman and the team at Ladden & Allen, Chartered, are involved in with high profile clients. The last few years Gemma and I have been presenting interactive programs for professional and collegiate sports teams, ranging from the rookie class of a professional team to a championship winning pro athlete who shared his real-life experience as a “financial target.” The topics addressed included domestic violence, social media, divorce, paternity, parenting disputes, child support and maintenance/property division and Prenuptial and Cohabitation Agreements.

Todd Talks….Sports is an avenue for Ladden & Allen, Chartered to share our thoughts on various sports-related issues that we see on a daily basis, and offer our experience on how to prevent or minimize “messy” situations. Not only is sports a topic that we feel passionately about, but as “in the trenches” family law attorneys, we can discuss real-life strategies on how to prevent and protect reputations and careers. This site can help individuals in sports and entertainment, his/her significant others, and the teams and/or programs better understand the family law and related issues “in play” and offer some ideas on how to move forward “off-the-field” with a better defense.

We also hope to add a little bit of fun and wit to the sports-related legal controversies that we all shake our heads over on a daily basis. The high price of the wrong move made in relationships or on social media makes a compelling case for Ladden & Allen, Chartered to help write a Playbook for Life Off-The-Field. None of this should be considered legal advice. We always advise anyone with a problem to seek and retain local counsel, because every state has different laws and procedures. What this will be is a chance for us to talk about two of Todd’s favorite things – sports and law – and how they can be a winning team.

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