Kanye’s Split With Divorce #5: #WhyAttorneysBreakUpWithClients

August 12, 2022

The news was recently announced that in Kanye West’s split with Kim Kardashian, his fifth divorce attorney just split up with Kanye!  Kanye is famous, rich, talented, and has the highest of profiles so usually that makes one a popular client whom lawyers would value and keep.  And divorce attorneys often have not only compassion for their clients in divorce pain, but also tolerate difficult behaviors knowing as we do that divorce feels like” being beat up in the mall” to quote Kanye himself.

One can only speculate as to what happened in the series of break ups that Kanye had with counsel, and the lawyers will never tell and cannot. However, there are some common reasons that lawyers decide that they have “irreconcilable differences” with their clients

Three top reasons:

Clients being uncooperative and not helping their lawyers to help them by refusing to produce documents and explanations and not providing the ammunition their attorneys need to represent them effectively.

Clients ignoring court orders and deadlines, setting their own case on a losing trajectory. Whether that defiance of court orders comes from grief, self-sabotage, denial or arrogance, it still handcuffs their lawyers and is contemptuous of the court,  

Sometimes the grievances are even more serious and lead the attorney to believe that the client is not being candid with them or with the court so that the trust and the communication between a lawyer and a client breaks down irrevocably.  
The sheer number of Kanye’s FORMER attorneys do not help present a winning case for any client, let alone one who has enough money and connections to have been referred to skilled professionals. It starts to look like the fault in these “splits” may be partly Kanye’s and that is not the look any divorce client should want in a courtroom where their children and their fortunes are at stake.

Allen, Glassman & Schatz, LLC