New Illinois Law Aims To Help Victims of Domestic Abuse

December 30, 2016

One in three women and one in seven men will experience violence at the hands of a partner during their lifetime. To combat the literal epidemic of domestic violence and sexual abuse, Illinois will soon enact a new law requiring salon professionals – who frequently have a close and confidential relationship with their clients – to complete an awareness course about domestic violence and sexual assault.

Effective January 1, 2017, an amendment to the law that governs the cosmetology industry requires hairstylists, nail technicians and aestheticians to complete a one-hour awareness training course so they can be prepared to respond when their clients ask for help. The course will help salon professionals recognize signs of abuse and provides guidance on how to connect clients with resources where they can receive assistance.

The curriculum for the course, called Listen. Support. Connect., was developed by Chicago Says No More, a coalition of agencies serving those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as leaders from the civic and private sectors, and salon industry leaders from Cosmetologists Chicago. Certified instructors, who have completed a 40-hour training program, will conduct free classes throughout the state for an estimated 88,000 licensed cosmetologists.

We applaud this new law as an important step towards creating greater awareness, education and engagement towards changing our culture on the issue of intimate partner abuse.

Allen, Glassman & Schatz, LLC