Vacationing as a Couple

June 22, 2018

Travel can strengthen a bond between two people or it can drive them irrevocably apart. In the process, you’ll learn a lot about each other’s temperament, habits and ability to compromise.

You can increase your chances of an enjoyable vacation with a plan and a positive attitude. Here are some tips.

Create the itinerary together. The location, length, type of trip, and the cost will need to be agreed upon. If you haven’t vacationed together, choose a spot you can both enjoy. Options run the gamut from plays in New York City to a beach vacation or an adventure trip. (For ideas, check out!) If it’s your first time away together, shorter may be better.

Agree on a budget. The downfall for so many couples is money. Unless one of you is “sweeping the other away” and money is of no concern, be open with each other about finances. Decide before you go how much you’ll spend and divvy up costs for the flight, hotel, car rental or taxis, meals, and incidental expenses. Like anything else in life, the key to a happy trip can be found in true communication.

Expect and accept the unexpected. Spending countless hours with someone can be wonderful or deeply challenging and sometimes a little of each. Everything seems perfect until you get a sunburn, your wallet is stolen, or you argue over a restaurant. If you find yourself disagreeing a lot, maybe some excursions apart can help.

Travelling together is a major step. What started out to be a romantic get-away can quickly turn overcast. When things go wrong, as they inevitably will, don’t cast blame and keep your sense of humor. Remember: this is about making memories and learning if and how far you can journey through life together.

Allen, Glassman & Schatz, LLC