2021: Deciding Whether to Leave or Stay in a Relationship 3 Important Issues to Consider: Politics, Finances & Feelings

January 15, 2021

2021 is a new year but we are still shaking off the trauma of 2020 and the political and COVID-19 intensity both continue.  According to Chicago boutique family law firm of Allen & Glassman, Chartered, that lingering trauma can be really hard on relationships.  

January and February are always peak divorce months when couples have barely made it through the holidays and often resolve that now is the time to end an untenable relationship. But 2020 and the chaotic events of early 2021 have exponentially increased the discontent of bad marriages or even of marriages that were “just good enough.” The trick is to know which category your relationship is in before you make the divorce decision:

Allen & Glassman recommend couples consider three important tips:

  • If politics divides your relationship, decide whether or not that division was about just a candidate or represents fundamental and irreconcilable differences.
  • If finances divide you, decide whether you can start a new partnership financial plan together or whether one of you lacks the will or the ability to make that commitment.
  •  If feelings divide you, do some meditating and counseling and see what hearts can be mended or what hearts just need to move on.

 Partners Gemma Allen and Todd Glassman add that in the end, “there is only the decision that is right for you.“



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