Allen & Glassman: 2021 Year in Review

January 3, 2022

The New Year is often the time when we reevaluate our life and our life choices. Covid has made those decisions more significant because lives have been disrupted in many unexpected ways.

We at Allen & Glassman help to facilitate the transitions in family life, whether they are chosen or simply happen to us. We understand the financial fears and personal pains.

We wanted to look back at 2021 and highlight some issues that progressed this past year that we see developing even further in 2022 and beyond.

Real estate considerations – can one or the other partner in a relationship afford to keep the house and is that a wise decision in these escalating markets.

New money considerations – now there are new ways to hide money in cryptocurrency and digital assets. How to find and value transactions that are designed to be secret.

New acceptance or prenuptial and postnuptial agreements – the notion that you and your soon to be spouse can control your outcome in a divorce or even in an ongoing marriage. Seeing an increased use in younger generations.

Intimate terrorism – whether it be physical, mental, or the newest version of social media abuse.

Divorce and parenting decisions – everyone has his or her own safety concerns regarding parenting schedules, education, and travel and differing views of how to address them especially in our ever-changing world.

Family law and athletes – new challenges and protections in family law for athletes now including the collegiate level relationships with the changes to NIL compensation.

In each and every year, the challenges facing parents, whether married or unmarried, and facing families who may be separating or divorcing, all continue to evolve. We too continue to learn and grow and apply our collective knowledge and experience to each and every case and each and every client.

In 2022 we will be continuing a 22-year tradition of serving families in transition.

Allen, Glassman & Schatz, LLC