Allen & Glassman Fall Covid-19 Update

September 8, 2020


Six months into the COVID pandemic, the court system and its experienced practicing lawyers have adjusted well to the now predominately remote practice of law. Clients wanting to retain our services can either Zoom, Facetime, videoconference, or personally conference with us by phone and retain us without coming into our office. Of course, clients are always welcome to visit; we mask, social distance, and treat everyone with special care. If a client feels better working in person, we are happy to comply; the decision is entirely the client’s..

Cases and procedures have been streamlined for maximum online efficiency. It is now possible to begin and end a case remotely, including necessary depositions and financial tracing without missing a beat.

We are able to and have conducted formal pretrial conferences, hearings (including emergency issues) and trials online in cases that require some court intervention or involve emergencies.


Serious, experienced lawyers, sometimes with the help of mediators and third-party experts, can work on settlements in amicable or would-be-amicable cases using online video conferencing to work out disagreements and draft terms.

We have observed two simultaneous phenomena endemic to our times:

1) Due to economic uncertainty, people are more anxious in general and, in particular, more anxious about their own dissolution process.
2) Clients and lawyers are very sensitive to the costs involved and, therefore, settlements can be expedited, once there has been full disclosure of financials and facts.


Both in law and in life, we are all learning to deal with Coronavirus restrictions and the pandemic impact most effectively. At our firm we are proud that our work goes on seamlessly with attention to the discovery and the details that can help your family successfully move forward into the next chapter of your life. Most days some or all of us are in the office, available to you.

Please feel free to call, email or text us anytime to review articles we have written or cited on our website dealing with specific issues you are facing. You can check our partner Gemma Allen’s recent Marriage Money Gems which specifically address parenting and finances during pandemic times. Then see Todd Glassman’s “takes” on the “New Sports Deal” in these “interesting” times of new economic and relationship challenges for players and viewers alike.

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