Allen & Glassman June COVID-19 Update

June 12, 2020

What is Happening with the Courts and “Re-opening”?

Different per county and mostly virtual.*

  • Cook:          July 6, 2020.   All matters to be heard remote via videoconferencing when possible.
  • Lake:           June 1, 2020.  All family proceedings to be held remotely with limited exceptions.
  • DuPage:     June 8, 2020.  Judges utilize video or phone conferences for court proceedings when practicable.

*Although the Courts prefer to hold proceedings remotely, a party believing they have proper cause why he/she cannot appear via a Zoom teleconference may file a motion requesting an in-person appearance.

Contact our office if you have a specific question regarding your matter and for other concerns.

What Allen & Glassman can do for you?

More and more aspects of family law are moving forward.  It is not just about emergencies anymore.

We can file new cases and get your life moving forward, although emergencies such as domestic violence always are a priority of course.

We are increasingly able to file motions regarding discovery or other necessary relief and promptly obtain a Zoom hearing date after both sides have the opportunity to file his/her pleadings.

And “ yes,” when and if parties reach agreement, we can end your case with a virtual court date.

And if you can not agree we can set the matter for trial, which may or may not be virtual, but will bring closure.

What you should expect from us:

A.  A fresh look at your financials no matter what stage your case was in pre-pandemic.  That includes the (re) valuation of assets, an assessment of your income and cash flow, and a realistic view of your present and future and methodologies by which we might be able to resolve your case, even during unclear economic times.


B. Good clear advice with regard to the best ways to stabilize your children’s life, share parenting time, safety issues, and online learning.  There is much uncertainty regarding camps, summer activities, and school status for the fall and we can help you with these issues when and if you disagree with your soon-to-be former spouse or your ex.


C. Beside our availability for Zoom teleconferences, telephone calls, texts and FaceTime presence, we are now also available for an in-person meeting in our offices, of course following the CDC guidelines on social distance, mask requirements, and personal sanitizer solution.

What you can do during the delay to help your own case

Delay is a realistic expectation for cases that require extensive use of court time, so do not be unduly frustrated and try to adjust your hopes and expectations.

Use the time to update your appraisals and financial statements.

Consider whether you and your lawyer should contemplate mediation to make progress on your case.

Rethink some of your plans/scenarios regarding a house sale or buyout.

Stay strong, safe and well.




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