November 13, 2019

Chicago, IL – Allen & Glassman, Chartered, is pleased to announce that Todd Glassman was recently approved as a Child Representative by the Cook County, Illinois Court System. Child Representatives and/or Guardians Ad Litem (GAL), are attorneys appointed to represent a minor child in a family law case as the eyes and ears of the court and are involved in all court proceedings that have to do with the minor child. 

Todd’s efforts only further Allen & Glassman’s mission in helping children and their families through an incredibly difficult stage in their lives,” stated Allen & Glassman Founding Partner, Gemma Allen. “This is one more way in which our firm can make a difference for a child and in a family’s life.” 

To the credit of the Honorable Grace Dickler, the Presiding Judge of the Domestic Relations Division, the process in Cook County to become a Child Rep/GAL is a rigorous one. It requires a formal written application to the Chief Judge of the Domestic Relations Division followed by an interview before a committee of other experienced Cook County Child Rep/GAL’s for approval. Following the interview process, the confirmed candidate attends separate training sessions with other experienced Cook County Child Rep/GAL’s. For the court system and the parents, a skilled attorney for a child can have a significant impact on their life.  Doing that job well is Todd’s pledge for himself and for the firm.

“There is nothing more important than protecting a child and assisting in making his/her life safe, stable, and healthy,” stated Todd Glassman “There was no greater joy than when I became a parent. Allen & Glassman values the safety, stability, and health of all children. Now that I am a Child Rep/GAL, I have the opportunity to serve many others.” he added.

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