March 7, 2020

Children and Technology Think Tank.

Children and Technology – three noted child development experts discuss the most effective and fulfilling ways kids should view, use and engage in today’s seemingly all-encompassing “screen time” on computes, smart phones, tablets and TVs.

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April 22, 2019

Betrayal Can Lead to an Ending or New Beginning

A common reason why relationships end is that one partner has cheated on the other. But once revealed, must the transgression lead to a divorce or can it lead to a new beginning? The short answer is, it depends. It depends on whether the cheater thinks he or she is in love with their paramour, […]

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April 21, 2019

Think Tank “Parenting Trends and Dynamics In and Out of Court from the Child Representative, Guardian ad Litem and Mediator Perspective”

Across the country, states are considering, and some have already passed laws to make 50/50 the gold standard that would presume equal parenting time is in the children’s best interest in all cases. Certainly, research shows children benefit when both parents play a part in their lives. However, the REAL issue is children’s rights, which […]

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February 22, 2019

New Illinois Law on Spousal Maintenance

The Illinois law related to spousal maintenance (formerly called alimony) changed on January 1, and here’s what it means for divorcing spouses. The Illinois courts now follow “guidelines” on spousal maintenance which will likely be more equitable for both spouses. The income threshold changed to a combined income of $500,000, up from $250,000. The wording […]

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February 15, 2019

Is Art Briles, Formerly of Baylor University, Worthy of a Second Chance?

Sports enthusiasts will recall the May 2016 Baylor University scandal and the removal of Art Briles, the winningest coach the program has had since the legendary Grant Teaff stepped down in the mid-90s. Baylor retained an outside law firm, Pepper Hamilton, to investigate the university’s response to the alleged misconduct within the athletic department. This […]

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