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New Illinois Law on Spousal Maintenance

February 22, 2019
The Illinois law related to spousal maintenance (formerly called alimony) changed on January 1, and here’s what it means for divorcing spouses. The Illinois courts now follow “guidelines” on spousal maintenance which will likely be more equi Read more »

Is Art Briles, Formerly of Baylor University, Worthy of a Second Chance?

February 15, 2019
Sports enthusiasts will recall the May 2016 Baylor University scandal and the removal of Art Briles, the winningest coach the program has had since the legendary Grant Teaff stepped down in the mid-90s. Baylor retained an outside law firm, Pepper Read more »

Even Alleged Assault Allegations Can Take a Bite Out of Career, Finances, Reputation

February 8, 2019
In every legal situation there are two sides. Not every accusation is true, and the job of the court system, with the help of good lawyers, to try to ascertain the truth and deliver justice. A case in point involves the rapper Bow Wow, who was re Read more »

NFL’s First Female On-Field Official in Playoff Game Shows Gender Equality Has a Sporting Chance

January 24, 2019
It’s a start. For anyone watching the NFL playoffs this past weekend, Sarah Thomas’ accomplishment was the talk of the town. During Sunday’s Patriots-Chargers playoff game, Sarah Thomas again made history. This time she became the first female Read more »

McGregor and Khabib UFC Fight Taught Us a Lesson that Violence Has No Place in Sports

October 15, 2018
There is no doubt in my mind that the UFC is the sports entertainment of the future. In fact, it has already become the go-to combat sport of the present, with UFC 229 reportedly reaching 2 million pay per view buys. Dana White, the company’s presi Read more »

Making Divorce Less Stressful

October 3, 2018
No one at the altar ever believes they’ll face their spouse in the courtroom, but divorce happens in nearly half of all marriages. If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to work out your issues and a divorce seems imminent, you first step is to figure Read more »

Steps to Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

September 18, 2018
Whether you’re only thinking about divorce or ready to move forward, one of your first steps should be a meeting with a qualified family law attorney. Understandably, there’s a certain level of fear and uncertainty at this time in your life, e Read more »

Serena’s U.S. Open Match Shows Change Comes from Strength, Not Silence

September 10, 2018
It would be safe to say that the majority of viewers watching the U.S. Open Women’s Tennis Final on Saturday, September 8th were not watching because of newcomer Naomi Osaki, but were watching the iconic Serena Williams. After all, she is not only Read more »

Blake Griffin: Why Proactivity in Parenting and Confidentiality are So Important for Athletes and for All

August 10, 2018
Every basketball fan knows about Blake Griffin and his unbelievable athletic talents and skills throughout the years. As one of the NBA’s best forwards through the last nine or so years, he was traded from the Los Angeles Clippers last year to the Read more »

Couples Who Live Together May Benefit from Cohabitation Agreement

July 2, 2018
Living with an opposite or same sex partner without marriage might seem like an easy, no- strings-attached arrangement, but it’s a big step both emotionally and legally. Most couples who move in together are so focused on the benefits of their l Read more »

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